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Analysis of species attributes (e.g. traits or species indicator values)

Community weighted mean (CWM)

library (weimea)

The package weimea (community weighted mean approach, Zelený 2018) is R package (currently in beta release) focused on relating community-level species attributes (traits, indicator values) to sample attribute (environmental variables). Current distribution is on GitHub (; see the installation instructions below - these are different for Windows and Mac OS).

  • cwm
  • test_cwm
  • test_fourth
  • envfit_cwm


Windows binary (for R 3.6.2):

To directly install weimea in R for Windows, use the following:

download.file ('', '')
install.packages (paste (getwd (), '', sep = '/'), repos = NULL, type = 'win.binary')

If you get the error message that RcppArmadillo is missing, install it first by install.packages (“RcppArmadillo”).

Alternatively, you can install the package directly from GitHub. For this, make sure you have the latest version of Rtools.exe, compatible with your R version, installed on your computer and added to your program path, and that you installed the latest version of the package devtools.

devtools::install_github ('zdealveindy/weimea')


MacOS binary: weimea_0.1.4.tar.gz (thanks to Will Ou for compiling!) FIXME

You may need to install gfortran binary (follow instructions here)

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