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Carabid beetles dataset from boreal forest in Finland

Source of data

Niemelä et al. (1988), manually rewritten from Table 2.

Description of the dataset

Carabid beetles collected using pitfall traps in fragments of old coniferous taiga and managed forests in their immediate surroundings. Localities were classified into one of five habitat types, and samples from the same habitat types were pooled together.

The habitat types are:

  1. Moist, spruce-dominated primeval forests (mostly > 120 years)
  2. Dry, mainly pine-dominated primeval forests (> 100 years)
  3. Managed mature forests (60-100 years)
  4. Old mixed plantations (20-60 years)
  5. Young plantations, mainly pine (< 20 years)

The dataset contains number of individuals for all species recorded in each of five habitats. Data contain species in rows and habitats in columns.


Boreal zone in southern Finland (62°N, 24°E), in Seitseminen National Park (19 fragments of old forest), Hyytiälä region (14 fragments) and Helvetinjärvi National Park (2 fragments). Distances between sampling areas are between 25 to 80 km. Vegetation of middle and northern taiga.

Data for download

Script for direct import of data to R

carabids <- read.delim ('', row.names = 1)


  • Niemelä J., Haila Y., Halme E., Lahti T., Pajunen T. & Punttila P. (1988): The distribution of carabid beetles in fragments of old coniferous taiga and adjacent managed forest. Annales Zoologici Fennici 25: 107-199. pdf
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