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Community of coral reefs around Tikus island, Indonesia

Source of data

Warwick et al. (1990) - collected and published results of analysis, Anderson et al. (2011) - published part of the data in Appendix S1

Description of the dataset

Dataset contains covers of 75 coral reef species, collected along 10 transects during 1981-1988. In 1982, as a result of El Nino, the area was heavily disturbed, resulting into bleaching of coral reefs.


Coral reefs in the surrounding of Tikus island in Indonesia (part of Thousand Islands archipelago north of Jakarta).

The file with coordinates, which can be opened in Google Earth: tikus.kmz1)

Environmental variables

Name of the variable Description
Transect Abbreviation for transect
Year Year of observation (1981, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88)

Script for direct import of data into R

tikus.spe <- read.delim ('', row.names = 1)
tikus.env <- read.delim ('')

The dataset is also available in package mvabund as data (tikus).


  • Warwick, R.M., Clarke, K.R. & Suharsono (1990): A statistical analysis of coral community responses to the 1982-1983 El Nino in the Thousand Islands, Indonesia. - Coral Reefs, 8: 171-179.
  • Anderson, M.J. et al. (2011): Navigating the multiple meanings of β diversity: a roadmap for the practicing ecologist. - Ecology Letters, 14: 19-29 (pdf, Appendix S1)
you need Google Earth installed on your computer to open this file
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