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 ===== References ===== ===== References =====
-  * Chao, W.-C., Chao, K.-J., Song, G.-Z.M. & Hsieh, C.-F. 2007a. Species composition and structure of the lowland subtropical rainforest at LanjenschiSouthern Taiwan. //​Taiwania//​ 52: 253-269. [[http://​​taiwania/​pdf/​tai.2007.52.253.pdf|pdf]] +  * Hsieh, C.-F., ​ChenZ.-S., HsuY.-M., YangK.-C. & HsiehT.-H1998Altitudinal zonation ​of evergreen broad-leaved ​forest ​on Mount Lopei, Taiwan. //Journal of Vegetation Science//, 9201-212. [[​bitstream/246246/162149/1/08.pdf|pdf]]
-  * ChaoW.-C., WuS.-H., LinH.-Y., Hsieh, ​C.-F. & ChaoK.-J2007bDistribution pattern ​of tree species in the Lanjenschi lowland rain forest. //Taiwania// 52343-351. [[​taiwania/pdf/tai.2007.52.343.pdf|pdf]] +
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