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 |Topo|Microtopography [Blanket - Hummock] ​ | |Topo|Microtopography [Blanket - Hummock] ​ |
-{{:undefined:​mites_map_borcard-legendre1994.jpg?​direct|}}+<​imgcaption mites_map|Map of the studied samples, distribution of substratum types, shrub cover and mircotopography (Figs. 1 and 2 from Borcard & Legendre 1994).>{{:obrazky:​mites_map_borcard-legendre1994.jpg?​direct|}}</​imgcaption>​ 
 ===== R script for direct import of data to R ===== ===== R script for direct import of data to R =====
 <code rsplus> <code rsplus>
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