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Vegetation of Carpathian wetlands

Source of data

Hájek et al. (2002), Supplementary materials of ter Braak & Schaffers (2004) and also used in Case study 2 in Lepš & Šmilauer (2003).

Description of dataset

Data about vegetation of vascular plants and bryophytes together with environmental variables, recorded in 16 m2 plots from 70 fens1) (1 plot per locality). Occurrence and cover of species were recorded on the nine-grade scale of van der Maarel (1979) for both vascular plants and bryophytes. Water samples for consequent chemical analysis were taken in microsites best supplied by water from the central part of the fen.


Distribution of studied spring fens. Map from Hájek et al. (2002, Fig. 1).

Borderland between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on the margin of Western Carpathians, in Carpathian flysch zone.

Environmental variables

First 14 variables are chemical parameters of fen water (Ca, Mg, Fe, K, Na, Si, SO4, PO4, NO3, NH3, Cl, Corg, pH and conductivity), the last is slope. For details, see Methods in the paper of Hájek et al. (2002).

Data for download

Script for direct import of data to R

bryo <- read.delim ('', row.names = 1)
vasc <- read.delim ('', row.names = 1)
chem <- read.delim ('', row.names = 1)


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  • Lepš J. & Šmilauer P. (2003): Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data using CANOCO. Cambridge Press.
  • ter Braak C.J. & Schaffers A.P. (2004): Co-correspondence analysis: a new ordination method to relate two community compositions. - Ecology, 85:834–846. Supplementary materials
  • van der Maarel E. (1979): Transformation of cover-abundance values in phytosociology and its effects on community similarity. - Vegetatio, 39: 97–114.
“...with exception of several sites of small extent where sample size was only 8-10 m2.” - Hájek et al. 2002
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