Vegetation Ecology Lab / 植群生態研究室

Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University

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Lalashan elevation transect

The transect along elevation from the top of Mt. Taman toward the lowland is separated into elevation zones, each 250 wide.

In each elevation zone, we established three permanent and seven non-permanent vegetation plots. The three permanent plots are of size 20 m x 20 m, while seven non-permanent plots are of size 10 m x 10 m. In each plot, we surveyed complete species composition (woody species, herbs, epiphytes, lianas) and collected a set of environmental variables. In the permanent plots, we also installed microclimatic loggers (measuring temperature and air humidity) and in two of the plots also wind speed and direction loggers.

Environmental variables

For each permanent 20×20 m plot, we collect:

  • standard topographical data
  • soil samples for chemical analysis
  • canopy structure (fish-eye photography)
  • long-term air temperature and humidity measurement
  • interior wind speed and direction measurement (for selected windward and leeward plots)

Long-term measuring of air temperature and humidity

Wind speed and direction measurement