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Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University

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Lalashan Forest Dynamics Plot (1 ha)

We followed the standard protocol of Forest Global Earth Observatory (forestGEO) and established a 1-ha forest dynamics plot near the saddle between Mt. Lalashan and Mt. Tamanshan in northern Taiwan. We subdivided the plot into 100 10 m × 10 m subplots.

Environmental variables


  • Elevation
  • Slope
  • Aspect
  • Convexity
  • Windwardness


  • Acidity (pH)
  • Soil texture
  • Carbon and Nitrogen content
  • Exchangeable K, Ca, Mg
  • Available Fe, Cu, Zn
  • Decomposition rate (teabag methods)

Canopy openness

  • Fisheye photographs

Species composition

In each 10 m × 10 m subplots, all woody species individual with a diameter at breast height (DBH) larger than 1 cm were species determined and location mapped. In addition, we set 2 m × 2 m quadrat inside the subplot and used the nine-degree Braun-Blanquet method to record coverage of woody species individual with DBH less than 1 cm, herb, and liana species.

Measured and calculated traits

We selected 25 subplots and collected leaves of woody species individuals to study the trait-environment relations. In addition to interspecific trait variationWe, we also investigated the importance of the intraspecific trait variation.

Standard leaf traits (woody species)

  • leaf area (LA)
  • specific leaf area (SLA)
  • leaf thickness
  • leaf dry matter content (LDMC)
  • leaf chlorophyll content
  • succulence

Learn more about the plot, welcome to watch our Virtual Excursion to the Lalashan Forest Dynamics Plot below!