Vegetation Ecology Lab / 植群生態研究室

Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University

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Study area

We plan to establish several study areas across Taiwan, with transects either along elevation gradient (changes in cloud frequency, but also in temperature, precipitation and other environmental factors), or along the cloud frequency gradient (keeping the elevation constant, but moving from areas with less frequent to more frequent cloud) or along the wind intensity gradient (again, keeping the elevation constant while sampling windward vs leeward locations).

Lalashan transect

Our first (and so far the only one) area is the Lalashan transect, which is located in Northern part of Taiwan, New Taipei City district, and ranges from the top of Mt. Taman (塔曼山) toward north-east direction down to Mt. Badauer (拔刀爾山).

Map of plots:

Map key: green symbols represent established permanent or semi-permanent plots, red symbols represent locations of plots which will be established in near future. Blue labels indicates other features (e.g. campsite, water, landslide etc.).

Turist map of Lalashan transect (not included locality close to Mt. Badauer):