Vegetation Ecology Lab / 植群生態研究室

Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, National Taiwan University

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-====== Study area ====== +====== Study areas ====== 
-We plan to establish several study areas across Taiwan, with transects either along elevation gradient (changes in cloud frequencybut also in temperatureprecipitation and other environmental factors)or along the cloud frequency gradient (keeping the elevation constantbut moving from areas with less frequent to more frequent cloud) or along the wind intensity gradient (againkeeping the elevation constant while sampling windward vs leeward locations).+We established and plan to establish several study areas across Taiwan. These includes: 
 +  - vegetation plots located along two types of transects: 
 +    - vertical transect, with localities at different elevations ([[cloud_wind:elev_transect|Lalashan elevation transect]]), 
 +    - horizontal transectwith localities at similar elevationslocated along the cloud frequency gradient from the eastern to western part of Taiwan (planned for 2021). 
 +  - permanent forest dynamics plotsrepresented by 1-ha permanent plots located in different types of cloud forest vegetation (we finished 1-ha [[cloud_wind:lfdp|Lalashan Forest Dynamics Plot]]and plan to resurvey and establish one or two more).
-===== Lalashan elevation transect ===== +===== Map of plots: =====
-Located in Northern part of Taiwan, New Taipei City district, and ranges from the top of Mt. Taman (塔曼山) toward north-east direction down to Mt. Badauer (拔刀爾山). +
-Map of plots: 
 <html> <html>
 <iframe src="" width="700" height="700"></iframe> <iframe src="" width="700" height="700"></iframe>
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-Turist map of Lalashan transect (not included locality close to Mt. Badauer):