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Cocktail Determination Key (CoDeK)

CoDeK is a software application, based on the R program (R Development Core Team 2012), which allows automatic classification of vegetation samples into vegetation types defined by Cocktail determination key. To run this application, you need the table of one or more vegetation plots (samples, relevés), file with the Cocktail determination key and optionally also species checklist, which allows checking for the correct use of species nomenclature in both files of vegetation plots and Cocktail determination key.

The Cocktail Determination Key has been published as a part of Supplementary Materials in Li et al. (2013): Classification of Taiwan forest vegetation. Applied Vegetation Science. The function of this website is to provide updated versions of CoDeK program files and potentially also a description of known issues with using the method (if any).


Li C.-F., Chytrý M., Zelený D., Chen M.-Y., Chen T.-Y., Chiou C.-R., Hsia Y.-J., Liu H.-Y., Yang S.-Z., Yeh C.-L., Wang J.-C., Yu C.-F., Lai Y.-J., Chao W.-C. & Hsieh C.-F. (2013): Classification of Taiwan forest vegetation. Applied Vegetation Science, 16: 698-719.

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