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Introduction to R for Ecologists (REcol)


EEB5082 (B44U1940), semester 112-1, 3 credits, in English

Instructors: David Zelený (澤大衛) & Po-Ju Ke (柯柏如)

Teaching assistants: Mark Rabena ( and Yin-Sun Yao (

When & where: Tuesday 2,3,4 (9:10-12:10), 普503 (No 13 Putong Lecture Building)

Office hours: by appointment (if you need to consult things related to the class, just drop us an email, and we will fix the time).

Link to NTU COOL:

About this website

This website hosts all R exercises and their solutions. To be able to access them, you need to log in as a REcol student (user recol, password shared at the beginning of the class).

Anytime you see that the link has a symbol of a lock (), it means that it is accessible only for logged-in users (this is true for exercises, their solutions, and some teaching materials).

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