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Vegetation Ecology / 植群生態學

Instructions for assigned readings

Rules: We will have two discussion classes, in each of them the two groups of you will present the paper and lead the discussion (each group has one hour for that). Students from the other two groups (not presenting in given discussion class) will also read both papers and write a short summary on each of them (and upload them to CEIBA before the deadline). Presenters do not need to write the summary (they will read the paper anyway) but need to prepare the presentation. I hope everyone joins the discussion.

Please, use this Word template to prepare the paper summary.

Prepare two to three paragraphs of English text – one (or two) paragraph(s) offering paper summary, one paragraph focused on your insight: what you think about the paper itself, what you think is interesting on it, or was there some mistake? Anything which crossed your mind while reading the paper and you think it would be worth sharing.

Minimum length of the text is 200 words, maximum 500 words. Do NOT over one page.

Do not forget to put the reference to the assigned paper in the end! Use the format used in Journal of Vegetation Science to cite the literature (you can find examples here).

Upload the assignment to NTU COOL, slot Assignments. Mind the deadline! If you upload the assignment late, you will get only half the points.

Instructions for presenting the paper and group discussion

The group responsible for presenting the paper may prepare a few slides of PowerPoint presentation or simply project the paper with highlighted sections and figures - it's up to you. Note that the presentation should be 15-20 minutes long, not longer! You definitely do not need to go into details - try to prepare a digest of what in the paper is exciting, interesting, new, strange or wrong (in your opinion).

All group members need to contribute in some way to prepare the presentation or presentation itself. You need to meet before the class at least once to discuss the paper and to separate duties (some of you can prepare the presentation, some can present parts of it, and some may prepare the summary of what to talk about).

After your presentation, there will be a brief discussion (15-20 minutes, depending on if there will be something to discuss). Presenting group members need to prepare one (or several) opening questions to stimulate the discussion. Please, also read the student's summaries (uploaded to NTU COOL) and mention interesting opinions (if any). Select one person from the group who will lead the discussion. I will also be actively involved, but I hope that you can try to lead the discussion by yourself, at least for some time.

I expect we will have 3-4 assigned readings during the whole semester, which means that each group will have at least one presentation.

If you want to discuss something related to the presentation with me or TA, you are welcome to make an individual appointment!

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