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Vegetation Ecology / 植群生態學

Final examination

The final exam will be oral and will be held during the exam week in David's office (Life Science Building, R1211).

Exam requirements:

  • Please revisit all the study materials and your notes from the class. At the start of the exam, I will let you randomly choose two numbers (chapters), and ask you to choose the one which fits you better; I will then ask you mostly from that chapter (but I may still ask anything else we have been talking about in the class, including assigned readings). We may also discuss your essay if there is something interesting to ask. Do not memorise the terms (you can bring written notes with you to the exam, see below), but make sure you understand the concepts.
  • You will be evaluated by a grade (between A+ to F). This grade, recalculated into a score, will form 30% of your total evaluation.

For the exam, you can bring HANDWRITTEN NOTES, up to FOUR pages of A4 (if you write both sides, it will be two paper sheets). You can have a look at them when we have the oral exam if you wish. Handwritten means - no printed text and no copy of your classmate's notes - it must be handwritten ORIGINAL, written by you. I hope that when you are preparing for the exam, you will prepare some kind of handout or digest or cheat sheet for yourself, something you can quickly have a look into if you need a hand.

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