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Excursion 1

Taoyuan Gu grasslands

Date: March 14, 2021 (Sunday)

Where to meet: Dali railway station (大里火車站) [for map click here]

When to meet: 9:20 at the Dali railway station (arrival of personal train No. 4148 from Taipei)

How to get to Dali railway station: take personal train No. 4148 from Taipei Main Station (departure at 7:34) or Songshan (departure at 7:41), direction to Suao. Get off in Dali train station at 9:20. You can find the train schedule at You can also get there by other means of transportation (car, motorbike, bus), just make sure that you will be there at 9:20 (we wait maximally 10 minutes).

In case you missed the train and you are going to be late: just take the next available train to Dali (take care - you need to take the personal train, since fast trains do not stop in Dali station), get off in Dali, go to the local visitor center to ask for the trail - we will hike Caoling Historic trail, which is easy to follow. Also, let us know on the mobile phone that you are still coming, so as we know that you will join us later. Note that this is really only for the case of emergency - please don't keep sleeping longer in the morning expecting that you will catch us later!

In case that the trip must be cancelled due to weather conditions, we will send you an email (through CEIBA), latest on Saturday evening (03/13, around 19:00). If you got any announcement from us, please respond to it that you understand. No announcement = trip is going to happen.

Schedule of the trip: first, we will visit the local visitor centre to learn a bit about the history of the place, and then we will start to hike the Caoling Historic trail up to the ridge (from sea level up to ~500 m a.s.l.). At the ridge, we will find a nice place with grassland vegetation and make a vegetation survey there. After finishing the survey, we will hike back to the Dali train station to catch some of the evening trains. We will arrive back to Dali around six in the evening, and before you board the train, we will quickly sort specimens collected in the field.

Trains back to Taipei from Dali: 16:02, 16:34, 17:00, 18:34, or 19:38.

Checklist of species: coming soon

Map of the area (you can also download it as pdf for print if you want, but you don't really need to print it, since we will get some in information centre in Dali):

Survey area:

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