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Excursion 3

BaDaur forest (close to Wulai)

Date: May 8, 2021 (Saturday)

Meeting point at Wulai, beside the bus station (click to enlarge). Taken from Google Street View.

Where to meet: Wulai bus station (烏來) [for map click here]. We will meet beside the bridge crossing the river (see picture).

When to meet: 8:00 at the Wulai bus station

How to get to Wulai bus station: It's recommended to take bus 849 from Xindian metro station. The bus stop is on Pei-Yi Road (北宜路). It is exactly under the bridge of highway No. 3. If you have no idea where is the bus stop, please check the map or ask for the information from the information centre at Xindian metro station.

If you want to go by yourself (e.g. by motorbike, or drive), you can meet us directly at the starting point of the hiking trail, beside 保慶宮 temple (check map here). Please be there around 8:30 am.

In case you missed the bus and/or you are going to be late: let us know (best to call or message David) and try to get to Wulai soon. From Wulai station we will transport by car up to the mountains (~ 6 km), so if you are late, you are not likely to get there by yourself. We have one car, which needs to go 3x up and down, so it will take some time.

In case that the trip must be cancelled due to weather conditions, we will send you email, latest on Friday evening (around 18:00). If you got any announcement from us, please respond to it that you understand. No announcement = trip is going to happen.

Schedule of the trip: from Wulai bus station, we will transport by car up to the temple at the starting point of the hiking route. Then we will start to climb up the trail into the forest. The trail is well maintained but could be steep and slippery at places, equip for that. After climbing to the ridge, we will find a suitable place to sample the vegetation plot (near Mei-Lu Mountain, 美鹿山). We will get back to the temple around six, and after that take the car back to Wulai station. The highest elevation we will reach is around 860 m a.s.l.

Buses back to Xindian from Wulai: You can find the schedule of a bus departing from Wulai station from the link: here. Be prepared that the bus will be crowded with lots of people when you take it back to Xindian.

Map of the region: (black circle is our destination - sorry for the bad quality of the picture!)

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