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Seminar on Vegetation Ecology


EEB5093, semester 110-1, 2 credits, in English (taught every second year)

When & where: every Tuesday 18:20-20:10, the place to be announced

Instructor: David Zelený (澤大衛)

Link to CEIBA:

About the class

This seminar (for graduate and senior undergraduate students interested in vegetation ecology) is focused on training skills related to searching, reading, presenting and discussing results of scientific studies related to vegetation ecology. Each student needs to find 1-2 relevant scientific studies, present their results and be prepared for answering the questions. Another student will act as the host and moderator of the discussion. Students who are not presenting at the given seminar need to get themselves familiar with the presented papers before the seminar starts. The topic of the paper should be related to vegetation ecology (ask David if you are not sure).

Additionally, I will provide lectures about how to search for scientific papers in case you are doing the literature review for your thesis, how to read the papers and make notes, and also discuss how the publication process (submission, revision, editorial process) in scientific publishing works. We will also discuss how the presentation at the meeting should look like, and how to prepare an effective poster presentation.


Except for regular presence in the class and your paper presentation, the evaluation consists also of short “Personal insight” summaries you need to write and post after each seminar, referring to the topic of the class (includes also classes given by David).

Presence in the class 50%
Presentation of selected paper 50%


  • Heard, S.B.(2016) The Scientist's Guide to Writing: How to Write More Easily and Effectively Throughout Your Scientific Career. Princeton University Press.
  • Silvia, P.J. (2007) How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing. American Psychological Association.
  • Published papers related to an assigned scientific topic.
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