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Introduction to R for Ecologists

Collection of links to some useful learning materials, websites etc.


  • Getting started with R: An introduction for biologists (Beckerman & Petchey)
    • a book focused on an introduction to R for biologists (import data, inspect data and plot data)
    • available online from NTU library (only in NTU campus) or as pdf
    • website R4All ( with scripts, datasets etc.
  • R Graphics (Paul Murrell, 3rd edition)
    • a book focused on drawing data in R (traditional R graphics, but also grid graphics libraries such as lattice and ggplot2)
    • second edition available online from NTU library (only on NTU campus), the third (latest) edition as pdf
  • R for Data Science (Wickham & Grolemund)
    • a book focused on introducing tidyverse package, data wrangling, plotting and analysis
    • for the latest version of the book

Short introductory materials

More advanced materials - still introduction, but focused on statistics

Handouts - Short materials worth to be printed and kept handy

Other materials which may come handy

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