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Introduction to R for Ecologists

Homework assignments

Homework assignments are an essential part of the class and will give you 30% of the overall credit if you finish them all and submit them on time (see detailed instructions below). Links to homework assignments will be displayed in NTU COOL after each class, and the deadline for uploading them to NTU COOL is the next Monday, 12:00 (lunchtime).

Rules for preparing assignments:

  • To store the homework, always create the R script (and save it as *.R file, e.g. “homework_1.R”).
  • Make sure that the R script is fully reproducible (see here what reproducible means).
  • Always include your name (English version) and student ID into the script - insert the following header line as the first line of the script (replace x by the homework number, and your_name by your English name and xxxxxxxx by your student ID):
    # REcol Homework x, Author: your_name, Student ID: xxxxxxxx
  • Please, upload the R file with the script into NTU COOL, and do it on time. If you upload it after the deadline, it still counts, but 50% of the grade is going down. The deadline will usually be Monday 12:00 (lunchtime), if not stated otherwise on the homework website. Late upload is possible until 6:00 pm on the same day; after that, the solution file will be uncovered (if you upload the assignment after this time, you get zero points).
  • There will be a total of 9-10 homework assignments during the semester, each counting for ~ 3% of the total evaluation.

Rules for evaluation

Homework assignments count for 30% of total evaluation (see here what all is included in the final evaluation). Each homework is evaluated on a scale between 0 to 100% in the following way:

  • you submit the homework on time, and it is correct: 100%
  • you submit the homework on time, but it has some flaws - we will minus the following:
    • missing header line: -10%
    • garbage code present (e.g. names (data), View (Df) or similar): -10%
    • script saved as a wrong file type (instead of *.R as *.RData or *.txt): -20%
    • script not reproducible: -10% (see here what reproducible script means)
    • script not clean and tidy: -10% (see here what clean and tidy script means)
  • you submit the homework on time, it is wrong, but at least you tried: 30% (but the code must carry some sign of effort, cannot be just a random something)
  • you submit the homework late, AFTER the deadline (but before I uncovered the results): the score calculated as above, but then divided by two (for example, if your homework is correct but late, you get 50%)
  • you did not submit the homework at all (or you hand it in after I uncovered the results): 0%
  • you submit the homework on time, it is correct, and it has some added value (not required, but appreciated - try to be creative): you can get up to 20% extra!

We usually add comments in NTU COOL to clarify why we evaluated the homework with a score lower than 100%. You are also welcome to ask personally teachers or TAs if you want to know details about that (or if you disagree with the evaluation).

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